This is Bik the alien.
(Example from the GAPS test)

What is the GAPS test?

The GAPS test is a quick and simple screening test used to assess the grammatical abilities and key pre reading skills of children between the ages of 3 to 6 years. The test assesses whether the child has appropriate knowledge of how to use grammatical rules to create sentences and whether they know the rules underlying how to add sounds together to correctly make words.
So the test indicates whether a child is 'school ready'.

The GAPS test can be used by non-professionals and professionals alike, and is suitable for assessing all children. The key to avoiding later educational problems is to identify children who may need help at the earliest possible stage.

This test provides a means of assessing children's language skills, an initial step in providing targeted intervention to children who have weaknesses in using certain aspects of language. Such weaknesses could put them at risk for dyslexia or getting left behind in the educational system.